Team Evaluations 2017-2018
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International Coed 5 – Our World’s Team / OPEN COED 4-

Are you interested in competing with our IOC5 team or on OPEN COED 4 in the 2017-2018 season? Email [email protected] for more information or take a look at our OPEN practices and register today!

Our half year teams are a fantastic introduction to all-stars. Many athletes use our half year program as a way to train and condition in the off season of their fall cheer commitments. We advance the individual skills of our athletes while building their overall strength.

Half year is a great less-cost less time commitment option for our families that are not able to make the full commitment that all stars may require. We are also flexible around completion of fall season sports.

Join the Evolution with our 2017-2018 Half Year Program click the links below to be evaluated.

Evaluations and Team Placements: Fee = $25

December 5th 6-7pm
December 7th 6-7pm