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Mommy and Me: For children younger then 2 years old, the focus is on discovering natural movement –like swinging, climbing, balancing, tumbling and jumping– for the first time! All of this is wrapped by music, games, FUN and the safety of mom (or dad!)

Pre-School: For ages 3-5, still surrounded by all the FUN of music and games, the emphasis shifts to basic skills and body positions -tuck, straddle, forward/backward, cartwheels, handstands- and incorporating balance, strength and coordination activities.

Intro to Tumble: For ages 4-6, some children advance very quickly through the basic skills, but are not quite age-ready for the Beginner level. This focus is on introducing more advanced skills and offers the opportunity to join our cheer and tumble exhibition team to show off their stuff!


Flex Zone: This class if for athletes who wish to develop increased flexibility and body strength. This class will work on core strength, endurance, and flexibility.

Flight School: Designed to help the cheerleader who is looking to improve on all aspects of stunt flying. Athletes will receive instruction on proper technique for stretch positions and body positioning. The classes uses various stand stands to work basic to more elite skills and baskets in a proper progression format.

Jumps: This half hour class for cheerleaders wanting to learn, improve, or master their jumps. Focus is on the different jump techniques, strength, flexibility, & power. Increase your height, flexibility, and improve your form on all of your jumps. Competition & School cheerleaders welcome!

Learn to Cheer: Learn the basics of cheerleading with this hour long class. Learn motions, jumps, stunting and tumbling. This class is a great introduction to cheer for all ages.

ACRO – Geared for dancers – This specialty class is for dancers that would like to learn ACRO elements for dance routines. Focusing on body awareness, strength and balance this class includes dancers of various levels and will work on handstands, forward rolls, back bends to more advanced skills. 

Adult Fitness – Evolution is offering a special adult fitness program for our families. This class was requested by a number of parents who were looking for a convenient way to workout at a location and time that is already in their schedule. Classes are held in a private, air conditioned setting with qualified instructors who you may already know.



Boys Ninja Extreme: This is a boys only class that is also perfect for those with an interest in learning to flip, twist, martial arts, skating, parcor and other extreme sports for enthusiasts who want to learn in a safe environment. Combine strength and agility with flips, twists and power tumbling. The class has a ninja theme and athletes will be working on ninja moves and towards ninja rewards.  Boys will have a high energy and fun environment working on cool tricks.

Boys Extreme: This is a class for boys ages 10 and older with an interest learning to flip, twist, martial arts, skating, parcor and other extreme sports sports who want to learn flip and twist in a safe environment. Combine strength and agility with flips, twists and power tumbling.  Boys will have a a high energy and fun environment working on cool skills.



Beginner Tumble: Basic tumbling skills are the focus – forward & backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, power hurdle & running 2 step round-offs.

USASF 1: Progression continues as students will work towards a standing back handspring and round-off back handspring – minimum requirement is a proficient round off.

USASF 1A – Students will work on multiple handsprings. Minimum requirement is a single back handsprings.

USASF 2: Round-off back handspring-back tuck and jump to standing back handsprings. Minimum requirement is multiple back handsprings.

USASF 3: Combination passes to layout x-outs, standing tuck and standing back handspring back tuck. Minimum requirement is a round off back handspring tuck.

USASF 4: Twisting skills leading up to fulls. Minimum requirement is a proficient independent layout.

USASF 5: Combination passes to full and doubles. Minimum requirement is a full and jump to standing tuck.

Director’s Class by invitation only: At the invitation of the Director, athletes are invited to participate in this high level, high intensity class. Athletes must demonstrate a proficient round handspring full, standing handspring- handspring full, and a punch through to full to participate.

OPEN GYM: This session is intended for students who want to work on specific skills already taught and skills they can perform comfortably without a spotter. While this session is supervised it is not intended for instruction of new skills.


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