LEARN or PERFECT A NEW Skill in 7 Weeks

As part of the Evolution Director’s series we are offering a special program for skills driven athletes. This is a custom scheduled and training approach for a predetermined skill.  Athletes will learn or perfect a tumble skill over approximately seven weeks.  The ability to execute depends on the athlete.  This is similar to our intensive five week program offered over the summer but adjusted for the tryout season and the winter/spring school season.


How are Director’s Sessions different from Private Instruction Sessions?

These are small, 45 minute, intense sessions limited to 5 athletes of similar level and skill with the same determination and skill hand chosen by the Director to work on a specific skill and goal.  They are physically demanding sessions that work toward athlete skill independence at each session.


How do the sessions work?

Most sessions are held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with afternoon and evening options.  The program includes 15 sessions. 10 of which are 45 minute Director sessions for intensive instruction and 5 of which are classes/open gym for athlete practice.  All 15 are included in the pricing and package.


Is there flexibility on schedule to work around the busy demands of a child’s schedule?

Because athletes need to qualify to be in this program and it will be a limited group, the Director’s classes will be set up around the Athlete/Director’s schedule to assure that the classes can be attended. But this must be the athlete’s top priority for the next 7 weeks.


What happens in the evaluation?

The athlete spends time with the Director to determine what skills are competition ready and can targets/goals be reasonably met in this time period.  The evaluation is included in the package for $45 for those who chose not to participate in the Director’s Series.


What makes a good candidate?

Athletes should show a very good response to instruction and have a specific standing and running tumbling skill set in mind.


What is the process?

Candidates should sign up for the program and schedule an evaluation session. At the end of the session the Director will provide you with their professional evaluation, review the athlete’s expectations for accomplishment and make sure that the skills they want to advance are possible in this 5 week program.


For more information or to schedule your private evaluation session call today at 908-450-0384.