Join the regions top tumbling facility to safely build your tumbling skills and confidence. Our tumble classes are taught by trained and certified instructors. Classes are broken out by ability and age and we offer many different training options. Contact us today for a free trial class!

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Additional Class Information

Beginner Tumble: Basic tumbling skills are the focus – forward & backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, power hurdle & running 2 step round-offs.
USASF 1: Progression continues as students will work towards a standing back handspring and round-off back handspring – minimum requirement is a proficient round off.
USASF 1A – Students will work on multiple handsprings. Minimum requirement is a single back handsprings.
USASF 2: Round-off back handspring-back tuck and jump to standing back handsprings. Minimum requirement is multiple back handsprings.
USASF 3: Combination passes to layout x-outs, standing tuck and standing back handspring back tuck. Minimum requirement is a round off back handspring tuck.
USASF 4: Twisting skills leading up to fulls. Minimum requirement is a proficient independent layout.
USASF 5: Combination passes to full and doubles. Minimum requirement is a full and jump to standing tuck.

skill development chart (1)